West Florida Advance Baseball Rules and Regulations 2019

This tournament will be played by the official Cal Ripken Baseball Rules & Babe Ruth and Regulations. The following is a Reminder of some of these rules and any procedural issues pertaining to tournament play.

2019 USA bat standards must be followed for play in WFABL

1.Time limit of 1 hour and 45 minutes (no inning starts after the time limit is up) For 8U /12U  For Regular Season and Playoffs -

  For championship Game: There is no time limit on Championship game only.

Time limit of 2 hours (no inning starts after the time limit is up) For 13U and 16u -For Regular Season and Playoff Games.

There is no time limit on the Championship game only.


2. For Regular season Cal Ripken Level there is no run rule per game, For Babe Ruth Level there is a 10 after 5 Rule in effect.

For Championship Weekend there are 10 runs after 4 innings for 8-12u and 10 after 5 innings for 14-15U 


3. For regular season and playoffs as well as the championship games, 8U will enforce a 6 run limit per inning. 

For Regular season and seeding Saturday 9U - 12u - There 6 runs per inning limit. -

There is no run limit for 9U-12u Championship Sunday 

There is never a run limit for 13-16U Division                           


4. This Rule is under review for Pitching Rules - Tournament Pitching Rules-based of Cal Ripken & Babe Ruth 2019 standards  updated 6/30/2017

*If pitches in one game exceed the number of pitches allowed for zero days rest, the pitcher cannot pitch in any additional games on that day. Please remember.  IF a player pitches more than one game on the same day, You must use the daily max pitch count.

League Age       Daily Max         0 DAY*       1 Day        2 Days  

7-8                    50                   1-20          21-35       36+  

9-10                  75                   1-40          41 - 65     66+  

11/12                85                   1-40          41 - 65     66+  

13-15                95                   1-45          46 - 75     76+  

16-18                105                 1-45          46- 75      76 +   

A pitcher is not a pitcher of record until he pitches one pitch to a batter. All there is no finish the batter rule, The Pitch count has a Hard stop.


5. Games can end in a tie for League play and seeding Saturday.  

For Championship weekend elimination games, there will be no ties after 6 innings  – a Texas tiebreaker will be in place. The last batted out will be placed at 2nd base continue the inning.


6. 8U Machine Pitch - Machine must be set at 46 feet -  Machine speed will be set at 9.


7. 8U Runners may advance until he or she is forced to retreat by the defender. Or the Umpire Calls Time.


8. Trips to the mound - Trips to the mound shall be limited to one per inning per pitcher. The second trip in

the same inning will result in the removal of that player as a pitcher. Any effort to circumvent this rule will result

in a trip to the mound being charged by the umpire. * There is no speed-up rules in effect,


9. Warming up a pitcher - Anyone warming up a pitcher must wear protective headgear. If they are crouching.

10. Ejections are for the current game only unless further action is required by the  Tournament

Director. If a Player is Ejected you will take an out in the line up for the rest of that game. 


11. No guest players or non-rostered players allowed for Playoffs. All directors must email in team rosters. 


12. Each team will provide 2 games balls for every game.

13. Pitching affidavits’ and Scorebooks – Managers sign after the game. If no signature, official scorer records are official. All affidavits and scorebooks must be turn site director.


14. All site directors are required to post pitching stats thru the website www.wfabaseball.com


15. Home team – is decided by a coin flip, (Playoff Games Higher seed is the Home Team)


16. The manager is the only person to communicate with umpires.


17. Dropped 3rd strike advancement in 12U and above age groups (No dropped 3rd strike advancement for 10U and below).


18. Slash bunting is prohibited in all Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth division games. The batter will be declared out and the ball is dead should this occur. A second offense by the same team will result in manager ejection. Any player who repeats this action in the same game will be ejected on the second occurrence.


19. Suspended Games - Rescheduled by the Tournament Director. All suspended games will begin from the exact point at which play was stopped. There are no rainouts!.

20. For age groups 10u and below, there is no infield fly. Infield fly rule only applies to 12u and above.

21. If a Player is Injured or Has to leave the game and vacates his spot in the batting order. The Team will take 1 out for the vacated spot in the lineup.

22. Cal Ripken level there is no headfirst slides allowed. The Runner will be called out. For Babe Ruth Level Headfirst slides are allowed.

23. There is no Speed up rule for the pitcher or catchers.

Seeding Weekend 

If a game ends in a tie, with time expired teams will play one inning with the Texas tiebreaker. The last batted out will start on 2nd base

and teams will play a normal inning. 

Playoff seeding 

If two teams are tied, head to head will be used. If more than two teams are tied, the order of the tiebreakers will be: runs against, runs for, then run differential. If still tied, a coin flip will determine the higher seed.